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Are you looking for a professional partner in Berlin to manage your property, lease and optimize your real estate? Then simply contact us!

We offer fundamental experience in property management and provide you with comprehensive services related to your investment.

Property management is often underestimated, especially when you are far away or have no time to deal with tenants or your building’s community issues. For an investor with set targets for a yearly profit and yield, it is essential to use a comprehensive and cost efficient service as offered by GATE Berlin, covering all aspects regarding your property and leasing needs. For optimum results in terms of profiting from your investment as initially expected, it is best to cut the number of parties dealt with, for your profit to be delivered as anticipated.

You receive the rent! We care for everything else...


GATE Berlin Services

Lease & apartment management

  • Manage lease agreement and tenant in place
  • Negotiate new lease agreements
  • Develop concepts for renting out your property
  • Deal and handle incoming requests from possible tenants
  • Manage furnished rental agreements from 2 months or more
  • Collect rent and enforce claims arising from rental conditions to which our Client is entitled, if necessary through the assistance of a qualified lawyer at the Client's expense to avoid legal disputes with tenants of the property
  • Settlement of claims with insurance companies and third parties insofar as these concern the property
  • Manage, hold and pay-out rental deposits
  • Representation at annual owner meetings
  • Review and optimize, enforce rent increases within the framework of the German rental law
  • Correspond with authorities, banks, utilities, etc.

Accounting & payments

  • Manage payments
  • Manage your complimentary escrow bank account
  • Transfer profit into your foreign or domestic bank account
  • Calculate regular annual operating expenses
  • Calculate side costs between building management and tenant
  • Prepare relevant documentation for annual German tax declaration by our certified tax advisor

Technical services & maintenance

  • Coordinate refurbishments, renovations, interior design and furnishing et cetera
  • Contract, coordinate and monitor necessary repairs and maintenance using specialist companies
  • Record payment transactions
  • Continuously monitor structural state of property