Furnished rental

You receive your rent! We care for everything else!


Furnished rental is becoming ever more popular in Berlin. Since it proves difficult to obtain a license, which is now required for holiday lettings, furnished and temporary rentals, mainly for business people coming to the city, are a good option to receive higher returns on your property.

However, with the higher income comes a considerable higher amount of work regarding: preparations for letting the apartment on a temporary basis, advertisement, number and hand-over when tenant changes, maintenance, cleaning, repairs and management of the apartment. Beside the technical aspects some specific legal advice is required on how best to structure the temporary rental contract, to avoid unpleasant surprises within the tenant relationship.

GATE Berlin has many years’ experience in how to manage such apartments and the required know-how to achieve the optimum rent avoiding unnecessary risk within the tenant relation.

We offer the three levels of managing your apartment.


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