Our reference objects

Apartment block Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

  • Apartment block built in 1905
  • 2.025 sqm total space, 30 residential units & 2 commercial units
  • Asking price € 4.100.000
  • Price after negotiations € 3.990.000 €
  • Faktor  24,34
  • Price / sqm € 1.970
  • Net rent p.a. € 164.000 at time of purchase
  • Net rent following 12 months property optimization management € 197.000

GATE Berlin provided comprehensive services

  • Source, negotiate and secure apartment block, see through purchase in early 2016
  • Analyse short-listed properties regarding required yield and future long term capital growth and capital appreciation
  • Off-set properties shortlisted against value as well as short term- and long term potential
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Assist with non-recourse financing using fiscally beneficial company model
  • Represent and support owner after purchase 
  • Considerably optimize revenue of the residential block within the first year after purchase
  • Manage property

Client Feedback

We are very fortunate to have the highly knowledgeable and to the point support of GATE Berlin. All phases of our investment project were meticulously seen through.  We benefited from strategic advice during and after our purchase. The net rent has successfully been increased more than 20% in just one year. We wholeheartedly recommend to take advantage of the one of a kind commitment and market knowledge of GATE Berlin’s team.

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